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Sexy Spring Legs Package - NuEra Skin Tightening & Exfoliation

Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. This package includes everything you need to have sexy legs for short & skirt weather. 


6 treatments of NuEra for the thighs

2 At-home leg exfoliation treatment kits 


Our unique exfoliation treatment gently refines and smooths skin.  The treatment helps to accelerate cell renewal to unveil petal-soft skin.t It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and radiant.


NuEra is a revolutionary FDA-cleared, non-invasive radio frequency treatment designed to provide fantastic skin tightening results anywhere on the body. NuEra targets both superficial and deep tissue, to treat a wide range of conditions to temporarily reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen remodeling to help improve skin tightening and laxity. Come in for a consultation with one of our expert providers to find out if NuEra is right for you!

Skin TighteningNuEra Tight automatically elevates and regulates the temperature in the skin tissue to the required degree stimulating collagen, and improving signs of sagging skin and wrinkles. From larger areas of the body to smaller facial areas, FocalRF technology targets energy penetration to the dermis layer, ensuring safe and effective treatments.

Cellulite ReductionPowered by FocalRF technology NuEra Tight applies multiple frequencies, two treatment modes, and effective mechanical massage for connective tissue manipulation, to remodel cellulite and improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling.

Wrinkle ReductionWith high frequencies and precise temperature control, NuEra Tight is able to stimulate the activity of fibroblasts and enhance blood flow, creating an immediate smoothing effect that will continue to improve as the body’s healing mechanism generates new collagen production.


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